Saturday, 17 July 2010

Out Station

Thankful for the chance to visit China plant.

have fun joy and learn from the process and experience.

first time in one place at the same time see so much Chinese which dark in hair and brown in skin.

China is really developed, and in the fast the bullet train at speed 326km/hr.
how the world going to change is the China big door fully open,
youtube going to crowded, facebook traffice going to jam.

i make my quote: "population is China secret weapon" .

after the big talk now the deep talk:

nice weather, not cold not warm, just bit dry.
people talk really loud like want to fight, even women in nice make up and branded ware.may be is the culture.

the food is oily and salty, and the portion is big. like the 'kerja buruh meal' hahaha.....
become tourist for weekend, visit the 'temple of heaven' 'Forbidden City' 'old summer palace' ... i did not visit great wall because keep it for next time. hehehe

TIC= This Is China, so every thing can happen
1.jump queue without apology and show you the slumber face
2. car drive in different direction
3. squad in any place they like
4. man can take off their shirt in any, hypermarket, road side,.... you name it.