Friday, 26 February 2010

还记得那时候你们说, 我的离开会很不舍。不习惯。




If every thing can be fix. yes they do

If every thing can be fix, it will sound better.

every business can be survive some people respect their professional.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Wishing all and myself

a Healthy, Wealthy & Prosperous Chinese New Year

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Are you doing some thing just because of you need to do it?

what a funny title...

Yes, only today i see through this statement.
Some time especially 'busy' time we will over look some thing. data, date, detail... some may said because of ASSUME.

For me i realize that it happen because of the intention behind myself. I use to do thing because ask to or need to, and my outcome is to proceed to next process.

what i miss out is asking:
why i need to do it this way?
what will be the effect if i not doing?
how detail i need to bring out this?

i believe all this question not going to hold me back but it will make me more clear on what i am doing now and how i going to do it better and better.

Yes it was a good lesion to day for me.

be and with joy and love

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What you want from your Carrier

What you really want from your job or carrier?

I always ask myself, the frequency become higher when ever i face challenge in the job, just wonder how other people survive. of cause i can too, just don't like the feeling of pretend to keep the 'true self' blind.

I do understand the principle of survive in the normal working environment just try to find or understand the suitable way for myself.

i feel proud too myself to be self sustain in financial. at the age of my able to face all the challenge that help me to understand my capability and the true 'me'.
from there i know that why i still need to take the path because there are more for me to learn and grow.

a conversation with myself.