Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Philosophy of Now

Out of sudden i notice that i keep on staying in the pass, from my emotion, intention, though.......
most of the time i feel emotional not because of any incident happen , just because i remember the pass. i believe from the pass experience, learning, i grow up a lot and keep on growing..... it build the future 'me'.

i now believe i can and want to keep the pass as pass and bless it as it teach me a lot. and i want to keep on with my journey in life.

the future for me is bright, like a blue sky in summer the width is countless. there are more for me to experience each of them will enlighten me. i will enjoy the path, in ever moment.

i start to love myself and appreciated myself. every day the are contribution of the grow of me.

be and with joy and love.

to Yong Tzer

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