Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Are you doing some thing just because of you need to do it?

what a funny title...

Yes, only today i see through this statement.
Some time especially 'busy' time we will over look some thing. data, date, detail... some may said because of ASSUME.

For me i realize that it happen because of the intention behind myself. I use to do thing because ask to or need to, and my outcome is to proceed to next process.

what i miss out is asking:
why i need to do it this way?
what will be the effect if i not doing?
how detail i need to bring out this?

i believe all this question not going to hold me back but it will make me more clear on what i am doing now and how i going to do it better and better.

Yes it was a good lesion to day for me.

be and with joy and love

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