Thursday, 20 January 2011

Idea Day 2011

Idea Day 2011

It was an amazing and inspired Day.

The energy, the effort, the team spirit, the vibration among each AIDENT members is tremble at resonance.


and we can't find an 'I' inside  TEAM

We don't shout to be stimulate the Uhm. How ever we share and communicate
We choose to be gratitude on what we have, rather then comment on what we don't have
We step on other shoulder yet sometime we let people to step on our shoulder
We know every members is an asset. and every one can contribute to the team
We cross over the wall without let any one left behind .
We understand that communication need to be verify
and Goal have to be align among each members.

from spiritual we believe in karmic.
and we believe every thing start with action.

Just want to add another beautiful word
Thanks you all

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