Sunday, 10 April 2011

Summit of Kinabalu

It need effort, determination, mentally and physically for you to get to the peak.
if you lucky you can see the beautiful sun rise from the horizon.

To the peak it take about 2 to 3 hour from the Laban Rata rest house.

So, most people will depart from rest house around 2.30am and to catch the beautiful screen once they get to the summit.
Gear up yourself with headlight, windbreaker, water prove glove, is necessary.
to shine your way,
to keep you warm,
to prevent your finger freeze.
and just enjoy the trip, the breath, the heart beat and the screen.

beside strength on both leg it request arm strength for you to hold tide on the rote. you will surprise how you can make it this far on this kind of trial only after you come down.

a lot of feel and thought came out:
good damn it!
what the hell is this!
hoe far it going to take?
i promise not to come again!!!!!

until the screen put a smile on your face.




看山还是山,水还是水。  也不再只观其实体

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